Homely sharwama. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Homely sharwama Flora Braide Nigeria. If you are looking forward to a quick meal, nothing too heavy and nothing too Light, this is definitely your style. Sweetly garnished sharwama to set your taste buds on fire.

Homely sharwama Allhumdulilah Homely Hands brings another yummy and juicy recipe for our family. This super duper homemade chicken shawarma recipe with homemade imgredients its really amazing and yummy. This chicken shawarma from the Hairy Bikers is a quick and easy version of a traditionally slow cooked Middle-Eastern dish. You can cook Homely sharwama using 26 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Homely sharwama

  1. Prepare of hand of spinach.
  2. Prepare of soy sauce.
  3. Prepare of sesame Oil.
  4. You need of Carrots.
  5. You need of hand of lettuce.
  6. Prepare of fresh bells of red pepper.
  7. It’s of cabbage.
  8. It’s of Mayonnaise.
  9. It’s of unleavened bread.
  10. You need of Chicken franks / hot dog.
  11. It’s of big balls of onions.
  12. It’s of Salt.
  13. You need of Maggi.
  14. Prepare of Garlic.
  15. You need of Ginger.
  16. Prepare of Ground nut oil.
  17. Prepare of Utensils.
  18. It’s of Foil paper.
  19. Prepare of Scissors.
  20. You need of big size fry pan.
  21. Prepare of Kitchen.
  22. Prepare of Flat plates.
  23. You need of Grater.
  24. It’s of tray.
  25. It’s of Knife.
  26. Prepare of Spoon.

Serve with couscous or in pitta breads. By The Hairy Bikers From Hairy. Home made Chicken Shawarma Roll – Homely Dish. Here, I've served it modestly, on a pile of shredded iceberg, with some warmed pitta, lemon wedges and a tahini sauce.

Homely sharwama step by step

  1. Rinse your and chop your vegetables into small bits and set them to drain the moisture. It's advisable to use a grater or the smaller compartment of vegetable slicer..
  2. Boil your meat, add maggi, salt, thyme and onion. Also add ginger and garlic. After boiling it, cut your boiled meat into strips and sauce it with your fresh peppe, soy sauce and fry it..
  3. Steam your vegetables with soy sauce, and small meat stock..
  4. Arrange your vegetables, meat, shawarma bread, foil paper, mayonnaise or shawarma cream for preparation..
  5. Also have your speacial soy sauce. Now for me, i prefer Anmoy light soy sauce. But its pretty much up to you guys I guess. Also get your foil paper..
  6. Cut your foil paper into foldable square sizes. Place a shawarma bread on a foil paper, use a table knife to spread the shawarma cream on the shawarma bread..
  7. Place your lettuce, then put some vegetable. Next put your hot dog, or beef franks in it, put some fried meat..
  8. Drizzle some soy sauce unto the shawarma. Add some cream..
  9. Fold the shawarma from the left, and fold it in, like you want to make a roll. Then do the same with the foil paper beneath it..
  10. Fold the top of the foil and bottom of the foil paper by tucking it in holding steadfast the bread to avoid spillage..
  11. Repeat this mixture pattern for the rest of the bread, vegetables and foil paper..
  12. When you are done with folding everything you heat up the oven and place your them in..
  13. Leave it in there for ten to 5-10 minutes. Plate it when it's ready and serve..

A B S Technologies Mariya Plaza Opp. See recipes for Sharwama pockets, Homely sharwama too. For the shawarma, mix together the cornflour, salt, cumin, coriander, paprika, turmeric, cloves, cayenne and cinnamon. Put the oil into a bowl, then add the chicken and stir it around. Add the dry spice mix and stir to coat all the chicken pieces well.

source: cookpad.com