Blueberry mini cakes. Food you never knew you wanted. Delicious Cakes food delivered by Deliveroo. Butter six ramekins and place in a roasting tin.

Blueberry mini cakes Add a second layer of sponge ontop and repeat the process with the frosting and jam. Place the top layer of sponge, then decorate the entire top with. This is a fab recipe for mini cakes flavoured with lemon zest and studded with blueberries. You can cook Blueberry mini cakes using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Blueberry mini cakes

  1. Prepare of pancake mix.
  2. It’s of milk.
  3. You need of Butter.
  4. Prepare of Cooking spray.
  5. You need of Blueberries.
  6. It’s of Maple syrup.

The cakes are very moist and especially delicious thanks to a combination of flour and ground almonds. If you want, you could swap the blueberries for raspberries or blackberries, and the lemon for vanilla. Directions In a small bowl, cream butter and sugar. Beat in the egg, milk and vanilla.

Blueberry mini cakes instructions

  1. Mix together the pancake mix and milk.
  2. Heat a pan (hot hot) and grease it with cooking spray.
  3. Place 1/4 cup at a time of pancake batter then top with blueberries and bake till done.
  4. Spread butter onto the pancakes and pour maple syrup over top.
  5. Enjoy.

Combine the flour, baking powder and salt; stir into creamed mixture. Here are two recipes, both based on the same basic cake mixture, one for blueberry, lemon and almond cakes, and one for raspberry and almond cakes. Bring to a simmer over medium heat, smashing berries slightly as you stir, until blueberries are softened and bursting. Transfer to a blender or food processor (take caution when blending hot liquids) and purée until completely smooth. Instant Pot Mini Blueberry Breakfast Cakes These Instant Pot Blueberry Breakfast Cakes prove the old saying that great things come in small packages.