Dry fruit basundi..!!!!😍 (Easy Recipe). Check Out Easy Fruit On eBay. Easy dry fruit basundi recipe, The urban dishes Dry Fruit Basundi. BASUNDI – is a Gujarati term used for Custard like desert preparation made from milk and served chilled in the summers.

Dry fruit basundi..!!!!😍 (Easy Recipe) Dry Fruits Basundi Recipe – ड्राई फ्रूट्स बासुंदी रेसिपी – Priya R – Magic of Indian Rasoi. Dry Fruits Basundi is a Indian Sweet dish made using milk slowly cooked till thick. Basundi is usually made in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka and is often flavoured with fruits or dry fruits. You can have Dry fruit basundi..!!!!😍 (Easy Recipe) using 7 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Dry fruit basundi..!!!!😍 (Easy Recipe)

  1. It’s of full fat milk.
  2. Prepare of sugar.
  3. Prepare of Elaichi powder.
  4. Prepare of Kesar.
  5. It’s of Mixed dry fruits.
  6. Prepare of Rose petals (optional).
  7. Prepare of fresh bread crumbs.

Dry Fruit Basundi Recipe A healthy and tasty desert recipe that will delights you anytime. Put the tin into the oven and bake for one and a half to two hours. Test the cake for doneness as shown below. If the skewer comes out wet and sticky, return the cake to the oven to cook further.

Dry fruit basundi..!!!!😍 (Easy Recipe) instructions

  1. Basundi is made by simmering full fat milk for a long time until the milk reduces to almost half the original quantity..
  2. I made this recipe little easy and time saving. So boiling the milk till little thick..
  3. Now add fresh bread crumbs into the thick milk.add sugar and all other ingredients. And cook another 10 minutes. Let it be cool down and serve with lots of dry fruits..

Cardamom flavored and dry fruit laced basundi is a treat to taste buds at anytime. It is essentially calorie rich, high-energy sweetened dense milk prepared by simmering high fat milk. In Gujarat, Maharashtra and many other Indian states, it is generally served with masala puri (deep fried Indian bread) as a sweet accompaniment to meal but it can be enjoyed anytime you like it. Basundi recipe is simple to make at home with only a few ingredients. Easy Indian Sweet Recipe: Basundi is a famous India milk sweet.

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