Recipe: Delicious Mince and cheese snackwiches

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  • May 31, 2021

Mince and cheese snackwiches. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders! Mince and cheese snackwiches Shandré Candiotes Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. Just make delicious snackwiches for #lunch (bonus – freeze them for future lunches) #leftoverchallenge.

Just make delicious snackwiches for #lunch (bonus – freeze them for future lunches) #leftoverchallenge. Mix the cheese with the mincemeat and spring onions. Put two of the slices mayo-side down on a board and spread the other side with the cheese mixture. You can have Mince and cheese snackwiches using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Mince and cheese snackwiches

  1. It’s of Spray & Cook.
  2. It’s of bread.
  3. It’s of slow cooked impala mince (see recipe in profile).
  4. You need of cheese, grated.

Keep it easy with these simple recipes for mince with cheese. This mince and cheese pie recipe will be your new favourite. For the longest time, if Josh requested a mince pie for dinner, I'd just cook up some mince, throw a few herbs in and put it in some pastry. Nothing wrong with that, but being a Kiwi (and after getting a few requests for pie recipes!) I thought it was time I upped my mince and cheese pie game.

Mince and cheese snackwiches step by step

  1. Spray and cook snackwich maker and turn on.
  2. Place bread slice on heated bottom and spoon left over impala mince meat onto bread. Top with cheese. Close with bread slice. Toast until golden.
  3. Enjoy your easy lunch.

So I got to work, and what I have come. Economical and endlessly versatile – mince is perfect for feeding the family. From chilli to burgers – try one of our delicious recipes for dinner tonight. Slow cook your next lasagne for extra tender mince – and this version is low-fat and low-calorie. Add the potato slices and layer them neatly on top of the mince.


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