How to Prepare Appetizing Simple Fried rice

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  • Jun 08, 2021

Simple Fried rice. Try our no prep no mess Oven Ready meals with everything included – even the cooking tray! Browse & Discover Thousands of Cooking Food & Wine Book Titles, for Less. Remove from skillet and set aside.

Add peas and cook one minute more until peas are thawed. really easy and yummy! Fried rice is a quick and delicious way to transform leftovers into something delicious! Though we sometimes think of certain ingredients being typical (eggs, garlic, soy) the only thing you need. You can cook Simple Fried rice using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Simple Fried rice

  1. It’s 3 of Rice.
  2. It’s 5 of Carrot.
  3. It’s 1 cup of Peas.
  4. Prepare of Curry powder.
  5. It’s of Scotch bonnet.
  6. Prepare of Onion.
  7. It’s of Salt.
  8. You need of Vegetables oil.
  9. Prepare of Spices of your choice.

In a wok or frying pan heat oil and butter until very hot. Add eggs and cook like scrambled eggs. Fried Rice is a combination of long grained rice, mixture of warm peas, carrots and onions with scrambled eggs mixed all together! You will not be getting take out any longer!

Simple Fried rice step by step

  1. Parboiled rice with curry and salt.
  2. Cut carrot in to small and boil,boil peas.
  3. In a large bowl combine rice and carrot add peas and mix well.
  4. Slices onion and Scotch bonnet pour in to pot add oil saute for some minutes add water,Maggi cube, spices you like let it boil add parboiled rice and let it cook.

Have fried rice as an entree or a side dish when serving it! Fried rice isn't meant to be knife-and-fork food. For easy cooking and eating, cut up ingredients into small, thin pieces. Fry the rice by lightly browning in a pan or wok. Stir-fry the onions, garlic, and carrots until tender.


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