Quick Chicken & Noodles. This simply seasoned chicken fried with beautiful, ripe, cherry tomatoes in a creamy sauce is guaranteed to hit the spot. Our favourite quick chicken recipes from Mary Berry, Donal Skehan and other BBC Chefs. Creamy chicken korma. by Jo Pratt.

Quick Chicken & Noodles Enjoy these sticky buffalo wings New York-style for a sharing family supper. You can use chicken wings or legs, if you prefer. Combine mixed grains with a simple dressing, then pile on cooked chicken, avocado and hummus. You can have Quick Chicken & Noodles using 12 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Quick Chicken & Noodles

  1. It’s of leftover chicken, boned and cubed.
  2. You need of Rotini Noodles.
  3. It’s of frozen mixed vegs..
  4. You need of Onion, minced.
  5. Prepare of celery, minced.
  6. It’s of Cream of Chicken Soup.
  7. You need of soup can Milk.
  8. Prepare of fresh ground Pepper & Salt each.
  9. You need of Poultry seasoning.
  10. Prepare of Parsley.
  11. You need of ground Red Pepper.
  12. Prepare of Parmesan cheese.

To stretch this recipe further, make extra for a packed lunch the next day. This chicken bowl is a great healthy option, containing three of your five-a-day. Need something on the table in a hurry? Quicker than a take-out (we hope!).

Quick Chicken & Noodles instructions

  1. Cook the macaroni, al dente..
  2. Meanwhile prep your chicken, onion, and celery..
  3. Drain pasta, set aside. Put all vegs in same pot that you used for pasta, add water, boil 7 mins. Drain, return to pot..
  4. Add all ingredients to pot except cheese. Mix well, turn into casserole dish. Top with parmesan cheese..
  5. Bake 350° for 45 min..

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