Falafel sandwiches. Food you never knew you wanted. Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. One of the most quintessential and beloved of Middle Eastern foods is the falafel sandwich, a warm pita bread stuffed with crispy hot falafel balls, surrounded by cool and crunchy diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, and drenched with nutty tahini sauce.

Falafel sandwiches The combination of crispy fried falafel, creamy condiments, crunchy salad and tangy pickles is out of this world. The falafel sandwich is the stuff dreams are made of. The crunch of the fried chickpea fritters, the soft herby interior, and the sauces that dribble down your chin….it's pretty much the ultimate sandwich recipe. You can have Falafel sandwiches using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Falafel sandwiches

  1. Prepare of Falafel.
  2. Prepare half of Pita bread cut in.
  3. You need strips of Tomato.
  4. Prepare strips of Onions.
  5. You need of Cucumber halfs.

After Alex and I had the best falafel of our lives, we've spent years trying to re-create the magic. Falafel Sandwiches Falafel sandwiches are one of the most popular Middle Eastern street foods. Falafel which is vegan and fried is quintessential for an Arabic brunch. It's super flavorful and soft on the inside then crunchy on the outside.

Falafel sandwiches instructions

  1. Cut falafel into piece place inside half of the pita bread add onions cucumber and tamatos.
  2. Add tahini sauce if u like didn’t have in the picture.
  3. Enjoy the amazing taste of falafels I’ll plate recipe for home made falals on next recipe or u can make the falal mix box kind the also taste great.

As a Sandwich: To make a mean falafel sandwich, garb some warm pita pockets, load them with falafel, drizzle with tahini and add fresh greens (like arugula), fresh diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickles. On a brunch board: Serve your flalafel with an array of fresh veggies, cheese, and dips like I have don't on my brunch board. As a side: serve falafel next to small plates like Turkish. Putting Together the Falafel Sandwich While still hot, crush cooked falafel balls along the diameter of a pita bread, garnish with some chopped parsley leaves, add a table spoon of Tahini sauce, add some tomatoes, salted pickles, roll and enjoy. Using your hands, form the mixture into six equal-sized balls and flatten slightly.

source: cookpad.com