Recipe: Yummy Saoto soup

  • 2 min read
  • May 18, 2021

Saoto soup. Saoto soup originated as a Javanese dish, but since Suriname is a melting pot of many ethnicities, there are various ways to prepare this soup. It is also known as "Blauwgrond Soup" because it is sold in an area of Suriname, where people would go late at night on the weekends to get an after-party or movie snack or meal. Take a big soup bowl and start by taking some rice, chicken, green bean sprouts, and egg.

Broth water (bouillion water) broth cubes + onions + garlic + pimento + bay laves + laos + lemongrass. Peel the cassava and grate it with a coarse grater. Put the grater in the deep fryer and fry until golden brown. You can have Saoto soup using 10 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Saoto soup

  1. You need of Broth water (bouillion water).
  2. You need of broth cubes + onions + garlic + pimento + bay laves + laos + lemongrass.
  3. It’s of Chicken breast (kipfilet).
  4. You need of Fried unions (gebakken uitjes).
  5. It’s of bean sprouts (tauge).
  6. You need of Fried chips (mini frietjes chips).
  7. It’s of Deep fried noodles (gebakken mie).
  8. Prepare of Boiled eggs (gekookte eieren).
  9. You need of Fresh parley (verse peterselie) of celery.
  10. It’s of hot sauce = soya sauce sweet and sour + hot peppers.

Pour the deep-fried cassava on a. Soto (also known as sroto, tauto, saoto, or coto) is a traditional Indonesian soup mainly composed of broth, meat, and vegetables. Many traditional soups are called soto, whereas foreign and Western influenced soups are called sop. I'm here to share with you easy & delicous Surinamese recipes.

Saoto soup instructions

  1. For the broth water 5 liter water in the pan. Heat it up and than put all the ingredients for the broth water in the water..
  2. Boil the chicken breast in hot water. fluff it into pieces and then fry in a pan to taste. season it with pepper, salt and a little bit of sweet soya sauce..

I will share with you my tips and tricks to make sure your dish. * SAOTO (SOTO AYAM). A chicken – soup dish originally from Java, Indonesia but with a typical Surinamese touch; it is served in every warung (Indonesian restaurant) in Suriname. Saoto is usually served with some side dishes that you can add, according to taste. Traditional Surinamese/Javanese food: Souto soup, with the ingredients served buffet-style. You put the ingredients you like into your bowl then pour hot chicken broth over them.