Chicken manchorian. If you do not have chicken stock ready, don't worry, as you can use water as well for the gravy. For making a healthier dish, you can also grill or bake the chicken balls instead of deep frying them. The vegetarian versions like Gobi manchurian, Veg manchurian & Paneer manchurian are also popular & are loved by many.

Chicken manchorian Very easy step by step video recipe. Indian Chinese recipe adapted by Chinese cuisine. The chicken is Manchurian sauce is never crispy. You can have Chicken manchorian using 6 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Chicken manchorian

  1. You need of Chicken manchorian with fried rice.
  2. Prepare 250 of boanless Chicken marinate with salt soya sauce 1 tablespoons paprika powder 1 table spoon black pepper 🌶1 tea spoon corn flour 2 table spoon and 1 egg.
  3. You need of After half an hour fry them.
  4. You need of For gravy.
  5. You need of Fried rice recipe.
  6. It’s of I use sela rice soak at least 3 hours then boil.

It is soft, velvety, and juicy. To attain this we use velveting, a technique in Chinese cuisine secret. We thinly coat chicken in flour batter and fry it. Chicken Manchurian is a lip smacking Indo Chinese gravy recipe that is an absolute favourite amongst Indians.

Chicken manchorian instructions

  1. For fried rice.
  2. Always use sela rice.

Manchurians in general are love by all of as this goes very well with any fried rice recipe or with Hakka noodles. Chicken Manchurian is definitely among every Chinese restaurants menu and a hot selling dish on the menu. Chicken Manchurian – Chicken Manchurian – Chicken manchurian is quick and easy to make, and always prove as a delicious meal for kids and grown u. Chicken Manchurian Recipe is a d. Easy Chicken Machourian Recipe at home.