How to Cook Perfect 一锅煮鸡饭 One-Pot Chicken Rice

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  • Feb 19, 2021

一锅煮鸡饭 One-Pot Chicken Rice. Our Instant Pot® Chicken And Rice Recipe Is Made Is No Time And Tastes Amazing! All You Need Are A Few Ingredients That You Probably Already Have On Hand! You don't have to cook up a storm to serve up a wholesome meal.

Transfer the rice together with the minced ginger, shallots and garlics into the rice cooker. Add the salt and chicken seasoning powder. Tie the pandan leaves into a knot and place it into the rice cooker. You can have 一锅煮鸡饭 One-Pot Chicken Rice using 6 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of 一锅煮鸡饭 One-Pot Chicken Rice

  1. It’s of 鸡肉 Chicken (6-8 pcs).
  2. It’s of 米 Rice.
  3. You need of 老姜 Old ginger (4-6 slices).
  4. Prepare of 蒜头 Garlic (4-6 cloves).
  5. Prepare of 麻油 Sesame oil (1 tablespoon).
  6. It’s of 酱清 Light soy sauce (1 tablespoon).

Clean the chicken thoroughly, take a small piece of ginger root, around thumb size and ground it into paste. Originally from the Hainan provence of Southern China, Chicken rice is made by boiling a whole chicken in a simple stock. One-Pot Chicken and Rice is part soup, part risotto, and wholly comforting. This one-pot dish is overflowing with auspicious ingredients to bring about abundance of wealth and prosperity.

一锅煮鸡饭 One-Pot Chicken Rice step by step

  1. 把所有材料放入电饭锅煮 Put everything into rice cooker and cook.

It is also a lazy dish and in fact, in Chinese records, it was also meant for a dish of "lazy people". Good food has never tasted better or been easier to make with step-by-step process shots and video! Agaric, quail eggs, meat paste, tofu, corn, ham, salted vegetable, tofu skin, leek, shrimp. Yam/Taro Rice is a savory one-pot meal made with long grain rice, fluffy taro (a.k.a. yam), chicken, and Chinese sausage.