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Easy sweet and sour pork Slice the meat into thin strips. Measure the red wine vinegar, tomato purée, sugar, mustard powder and soy sauce into a large jug. Strain the juice from the can of pineapple into the jug, and set the chunks aside. You can have Easy sweet and sour pork using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Easy sweet and sour pork

  1. Prepare of ・1 onion.
  2. You need of ・2 green bell pepper.
  3. Prepare of ・1/6 red bell pepper.
  4. You need of ・2 fresh shiitake.
  5. You need of ・240g thinly sliced pork.
  6. You need of ・A little bit of salt and pepper.
  7. Prepare of ・3 tablespoons of potato starch.
  8. Prepare of ・1 tablespoon of sesame oil.
  9. Prepare of ・4 tablespoons of ponzu-soy sauce.

Place the corn flour in a large bowl and toss the marinated pork chunks until liberally coated. Drain and discard marinade from pork. Add the onion, carrots, green pepper, and ginger. The best ever Sweet and Sour Pork recipe is loaded with tricks the Chinese have been using for centuries: double dredge and double fry for extra crispy, cornflour instead of flour, economical pork used for juiciness, but tenderised with baking soda so you'd swear they're pricey chops, and a sauce that's not sickeningly sweet.

Easy sweet and sour pork instructions

  1. Cut the onion into wedges and break into pieces.Roughly chop the green bell pepper and red bell pepper.Slice the shiitake mushrooms..
  2. Put the sliced pork in a plastic bag with salt and pepper.Sprinkle potato starch and mix it so the meat is evenly covered in it..
  3. Heat sesame oil in a frying pan and cook the pork,onion,peppers,and shiitake mushrooms..
  4. Add ponzu-soy sauce to 3 and stir-fry until the mixture thickens..

Mix the sweet and sour sauce ingredients well and set aside. Strain the dry ingredients of the frying batter and then add in the egg, water, and cooking oil to form a thick batter. In a gallon size resealable plastic bag combine sugar, soy sauce and egg. Massage pork and mixture to combine. Add corn starch, salt and pepper into bag with pork and seal bag.

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