Chicken Thigh Cordon Bleu. Place two pieces of ham over the chicken. Place one piece of cheese on each end and roll the thighs up into a roulade. Coat the chicken rolls in flour, then the egg, then the crumbs, be sure to coat evenly in each stage.

Chicken Thigh Cordon Bleu Roll up each breast, and secure with a toothpick. Place in baking dish, and sprinkle chicken evenly with bread crumbs. Cut off large pieces of fat from chicken thighs. You can have Chicken Thigh Cordon Bleu using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chicken Thigh Cordon Bleu

  1. Prepare of black pepper.
  2. It’s of salt.
  3. You need of bell pepper.
  4. You need of chicken thighs.
  5. You need of flour.
  6. You need of oil.
  7. You need of sliced cheese.
  8. Prepare of ham.

Fold each slice of swiss cheese accordion-style to make a cheese stick about half an inch wide. Place a cheese stick on a piece of ham long-ways. Fold ends of ham over ends of cheese stick and roll up like a burrito. Place butter in a shallow bowl.

Chicken Thigh Cordon Bleu instructions

  1. Deboned chiken thighs.
  2. Marinate chicken with 1 table spoon salt and 1teaspoon black pepper and put the minced bell pepper.
  3. After marinating prepare the chicken, ham and cheese. And roll it togethere with flour.
  4. Heat fry pan and cooked your chicken cordon bleu deep fry..
  5. Slice and serve it. Enjoy eating 😉😉.

In another shallow bowl, combine the bread crumbs, salt and paprika. Dip chicken in butter then roll in crumb mixture. Lightly dust the chicken with flour, dip in the egg mixture and gently coat in the bread crumbs. Lightly coat a baking pan with olive oil and carefully transfer the roulades onto it. Place a chicken breast between two pieces of plastic wrap on a cutting board and flatten to a ¼" thickness with a meat mallet or rolling pin.