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Simple Icebox Cake Simply skip the oven and create one of these delicious icebox cake recipes. Each is made with layers of flavor, from cookies or graham crackers, fresh fruit, and plenty of whipped cream. Directions In a large bowl, beat cream until soft peaks form. You can cook Simple Icebox Cake using 2 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Simple Icebox Cake

  1. Prepare of My homemade egg custard recipe.
  2. You need of Graham crackers.

Add sugar and vanilla; beat until stiff. Spread heaping teaspoonfuls on the cookies. A traditional icebox cake is a simple no bake dessert that the entire family will enjoy! Think your favorite childhood ice cream truck dessert, but in cake form.

Simple Icebox Cake step by step

  1. Make egg custard.
  2. In a small baking dish layer the bottom with Graham crackers..
  3. Top first layer with a third of the mixture of warm custard..
  4. Layer more Graham crackers. Pour on another third of warm custard..
  5. Keep layering til everything is gone. Graham crackers should be completely submerged in custard..
  6. Chill for a minimum of 1 hour to let the custard firm and crackers soften from the liquids..

Doesn't get much better than that! In a large bowl, mix the cream cheese and cream until combined Add in the condensed milk and whisk until smooth Combine instant coffee with the water. Dip each biscuit for a few seconds and set down a single layer into your pan/pyrex. Pour β…“ of the cream mixture over the biscuits and spread evenly. Like a mudslide in food form.