Menma Recipe. Menma (メンマ, 麺麻) is a delicious Japanese condiment made from lactate-fermented bamboo shoots. Sometimes it goes by preserved Japanese bamboo shoots or pickled or seasoned bamboo shoots. Since they are mainly produced in China and Taiwan, menma is also known as shinachiku (支那竹), as in Chinese bamboo.

Menma Recipe Remove from the heat and let cool. Transfer the menma and its seasoning liquid into an airtight container and refrigerate overnight before using. This recipe was translated from a Japanese youtube video. You can have Menma Recipe using 9 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Menma Recipe

  1. You need of Bamboo shoots.
  2. Prepare of sesame oil.
  3. Prepare of Water.
  4. You need of Kombu.
  5. Prepare of Katsuoboshi.
  6. It’s of Mirin.
  7. You need of Dark Shoyu.
  8. It’s of chashu sauce.
  9. Prepare of white sugar.

By request, this is a video on how to make menma (bamboo shoot topping) for ramen. Menma is one of my favorite toppings for ramen as well but real menma is h. Place in a container and keep refrigerated or can be frozen. Menma Recipe (+VIDEO) Menma is a popular Japanese condiment that's slightly crunchy and full of flavors.

Menma Recipe instructions

  1. Make Dashi from Kombu and Katsuoboshi.
  2. Fry the menma in oil on low heat for 3 minutes.
  3. Combine all ingredients in pan and boil until liquid is evaporated.

It's made from lactate-fermented bamboo shoots, and often used as a topping for ramen noodles. Add the bamboo shoots and season with salt, sugar, chilli flakes, light and dark soy sauce. Today's recipe is ''Menma Salty Simmered Bamboo Shoots''Menma is a common topping for ramen. You can eat this also as appetizers.—INGREDIENTS— Bamboo Shoo. Menma Uzumaki (うずまきメンマ Uzumaki Menma) is a character that appears in Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie as the main antagonist.