White rice dumpling with Coconut &Sweet red bean  sauce. Rice dumpling is one of the easiest Japanese sweets. And sauce is a bit southern taste with coconut milk. You may find the Rice Dumpling to taste even better when you use chopped Coconut pieces, but I usually go for grated Coconut in the interest of time.

White rice dumpling with Coconut &Sweet red bean  sauce Mix the coconut with the sugar/jaggery. Make medium sized balls of the dough. Take each ball and flatten them in the well of your palm, spoon in a little of the coconut mix and close it in to make a ball again; do the rest. You can cook White rice dumpling with Coconut &Sweet red bean  sauce using 4 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of White rice dumpling with Coconut &Sweet red bean  sauce

  1. It’s 150 g of Glutinous rice flour(Sweet rice flour, Refined rice flour) Normal "rice flour" is too rubbery to make dumpling.
  2. It’s 140 ml of Water.
  3. Prepare of Appropriate quantity of sweet red bean paste.
  4. You need of Appropriate quantity  of coconut milk.

Kozhukatta is a steamed rice dumpling that's filled with melted jaggery and grated coconut. It's a special treat that Keralite Christians make for Palm Sunday weekend. When it boils simmer on low – medium fire. Add the tapioca, bananas and jackfruit.

White rice dumpling with Coconut &Sweet red bean  sauce step by step

  1. Sauce making. Put sweet red bean paste into a bowl..
  2. Mix 1 with coconut milk well. Sauce is done..
  3. Prepare rice dumpling. Put Shiratama-ko(Sweet rice flour, Glutinous rice flour) into a bowl..
  4. Mix them with water by hand. Knead the dough until it comes smooth, soft as same as the softness of your earlobe..
  5. Use the both hand and round appropriate quantity of dough into a ball shape..
  6. Make a dent in the center of a ball..
  7. Put dumplings into boiling water..
  8. When they float up, ladle out from boiling water..
  9. Chill them in cold water. Then drain..
  10. Mix cold dumplings into sauce..

For the keto dumpling dough Whip up a batch of our Crazy Keto Dough. No salt because usually the main dish has enough. I made my Coconut Rice last night using my rice cooker. In order to keep the same consistency as I make my regular rice, I used the measuring cup that came with the rice cooker. Filling for Sweet Fried Dumplings: The primary ingredients are coconut, chopped toasted peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, and sugar.

source: cookpad.com