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Immune system boosting fennel & vegetable soup Fresh fennel bulb is a good source of vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin critical for immune. Its health benefits are; boosting the immune system, Improving bone health, improving muscle strength, blood sugar regulation, blood pressure regulation, and maintaining optimal nerve and brain function. Magnesium – Magnesium supports a healthy immune system as well as keeping bones strong. You can cook Immune system boosting fennel & vegetable soup using 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Immune system boosting fennel & vegetable soup

  1. You need 1/2 of fennel bulb.
  2. Prepare 3 stalks of celery.
  3. It’s 1 1/2 cup of baby carrots.
  4. You need 2 qts of bone broth (we used a mix of beef, chicken, and duck).
  5. It’s 1 bunch of parsley, chopped.
  6. You need 1/2 package of rice noodles.
  7. You need of salt & pepper to taste.

A little boost to the immune system via the right ingredients never hurt!. fennel, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, cumin and cayenne, are Ayurvedic spices that aid in digestion and metabolism . Staying Healthy with Immune Boosting & Anti-inflammatory. • Describe a healthy immune system • Define the immune response • Explore the major nutrients that support a healthy immune system • Explore the minerals that support a healthy immune system . ½ cup chopped fennel bulb, core removed . Fennel: Fennel (and fennel seeds) is most well known for its licorice-like flavor, and is another food that is good for supporting the immune system. Fennel seeds, in particular, are rich in vitamin C and are known for helping support digestive health.

Immune system boosting fennel & vegetable soup instructions

  1. Slice the fennel and the celery as thinly as you can (use a mandolin if you have one, it makes it a lot easier!). Wash the baby carrots..
  2. Pour the broth in a medium-sized pot and and fennel, celery, carrots, and parsley. Season to taste with salt and pepper..
  3. Mix well and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to lowest point and let simmer, covered, for about 25 minutes..
  4. Add the rice noodles and up the heat for an additional 5 minutes or so, until the noodles are cooked.. Immune system boosting fennel & vegetable soup
  5. Serve and garnish with fennel twigs..

Fennel is an immune boosting food that can help relieve symptoms of viral infections. A study published by BioMed Research International found that fennel could decrease symptoms of diarrhea, fever, and stomach ache. This is all thanks to the phytochemicals that act as antioxidants. Attempting to boost the cells of your immune system is especially complicated because there are so many different kinds of cells in the immune system that respond to so many different microbes in so many ways. Which cells should you boost, and to what number?