How to Cook Appetizing Sesame Gold Coin Recipe

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  • May 07, 2021

Sesame Gold Coin Recipe. View Our Range Of Coins & Collectibles. Everything From Classic Coins To New Commemorative Editions. Some other accounts of the history of Chinese cuisine takes the beginning to the Chinese stone age.

Great recipe for Sesame Gold Coin.. Save this recipe and keep it for later. Learn how to make Veg Gold Coin at home with Chef Ruchi on Rajshri Food. You can have Sesame Gold Coin Recipe using 14 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Sesame Gold Coin Recipe

  1. It’s of white bread roundsizes.
  2. You need of sesame seeds(white roasted).
  3. You need of corn kernels boiled & crushed.
  4. It’s of potatoes boiled & grated.
  5. It’s of green capsicum seeded & chopped.
  6. Prepare of boiled green peas.
  7. Prepare of onion chopped.
  8. Prepare of green chillies seeded & chopped.
  9. You need of fresh coriander leaves chopped.
  10. You need of ginger chopped.
  11. Prepare of white pepper powder.
  12. Prepare of Salt.
  13. It’s of Cornflour starch.
  14. Prepare of Refined oil to fry.

Veg gold coin recipe / Chinese Veg Starter. a popular urban restaurants snack recipe. Add carrot, beans and cabbage, onions, capsicum, and corn kernels to it. Fry them on a slow flame. Sesame Gold Coin – a protein rich pan fried appetizer. served with Green Chutney and Sauce.

Sesame Gold Coin Recipe instructions

  1. Cut the breads into roundels using a still bati or bowl..
  2. Take boiled potatoes in a bowl.Add green capsicum, onion, green chillies, coriander leaves, ginger, corns, white pepper powder, salt & mix well..
  3. Spread the mixture on each bread roundel generously..
  4. Sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds over the potato mixtures & spread gently.Lightly roll on cornflour..
  5. Shallow fry these gold coins..
  6. Garnish these gold coins with mayonnaise,pudina chutney, tomato sauce in short glasses..

So today I planned to share this tasty starter Sesame Vegetable Gold Coin Recipe with you all. Below is the simple and step procedure on how to make Vegetable Gold Coin. Chinese Veg Starter gold coin starter recipe veg starters gold coins deep fry veg gold coins chinese gold coins Tiffin Box Recipe tiffin box recipes gold coi. Golden coin is easy Chinese snack having round shaped bread with veggie topping of your choice and embedded with sesame seeds. Add green capsicum, onion, green chillies, coriander leaves, ginger, corns, white pepper powder, salt & mix well.


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